Every time we wrap up our final issue of the school year, Team Choices immediately goes into self-improvement mode: What problems can we help you solve?

What will finally make your alcohol unit stick? This heartbreaking 6-page story will force your students to think about the consequences of drinking in new, life-saving ways. 

Practice makes perfect, right? You can use this Stress Busters flipbook to walk students through three super-simple exercises that will help them cope with stress.

Many of you have told us that your students have questions about "locker room talk issues that have come up in the news in the last few months. That's why, in the April 2017 issue of Choices, we take a look at this sensitive subject with "We're Standing Up For Respect." The goal of the piece is to de-politicize the issue, to separate it from the election and the candidates--and to help students see the power of their words, and embrace their potential to shift our culture from one that can be sexist and misogynist, to one that treats everyone equally.

Elevate this month's debate, Should Soda Have a Warning Label?, by having students consider a similar public-health issue: cigarette warning labels. This teacher-designed handout will help teens research and analyze warning labels from around the world, so they can apply that knowledge to this month's debate!

This brilliant activity will help teens teach each other how to reduce stress! Try this fun, interactive group project today!