Universities all over the U.S. are scrambling to meet the mental health needs of a stressed out, anxious, and unhappy generation of teens. This current mental health epidemic is only going to get worse. Here, teacher-adviser Amy Lauren Smith weighs in. 

This month, our interactive features and thoughtful activities will help you teach important lessons to your students before they head off for the summer.

Use this month's feature on student activism—inspired and edited by the survivors of the Parkland school shooting and other teens affected by gun violenceto teach your class about teen activism over the years.

Amy Lauren Smith, a Choices teacher-adviser, led her class through a lesson on advocacy after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy. 

When he realized how limited health education was at his school, this high school student wrote new legislation and started a nonprofit organization to make a difference. Ever more important in this time of consent and the #MeToo movement, this teen's efforts are helping sex ed for all teens. 

In this honest post, a health teacher opens up about her own struggle with fitness and health inspiration.