Every time we wrap up our final issue of the school year, Team Choices immediately goes into self-improvement mode: What problems can we help you solve?

Fake health news is everywhere—and it’s just one piece of a dangerous online epidemic. We have the resources you need for teaching your middle and high school students the digital literacy skills they need to spot fake news: fascinating non-fiction, thought-provoking worksheets, and even a game you can project on your whiteboard!

This month's slideshow feature, The Fact or Fake Game Show is the perfect classroom activity for teaching your students the digital literacy skills they need. 

It's important that teens get in the habit of conducting skin checks once a month, so they can report any changes to a doctor quickly.

In this month's Life Skills Made Easy section, we answer a common teen question: How can I make a tough decision?

This week, we discuss best practices for talking to overwhelmed teens, adolescent inventors, and more!