What does your middle schooler wish you knew? Our teacher-adviser checks in with eighth graders to find out how their parents could have given them extra support. 

Our October feature, How Do You Say 'Yum' Around the World?, will encourage students to carefully examine their food choices and habits. Use this engaging activity from Choices teacher-adviser Amy Lauren Smith to expand on international nutrition rules while you're at it!

Choices teacher-adviser Amy Lauren Smith is a sixth to eighth grade health teacher at the Shanghai American School in Shanghai, China, and the brilliant mind behind our Teacher’s Guide each month. Here, she discusses a few important steps to approaching topics related to emotional and mental health in your classroom. 

This week in teen news, we discuss teens running for governor, apps for teen mental health, and more.

In this month’s debate, Do Teens Need Recess?, we tackle the importance of physical activity during the school day. This activity from Choices teacher-adviser Amy Lauren Smith will help you get your students moving.


Here's why you should make the switch to skills-based health education, according to a middle school teacher—and a few of her former students.