Introducing a New Online Extra: Annotated Reading

Greetings, teachers!


It is with great excitement that I am able to unveil a brand new feature on the Choices site: annotated reading! On selected story pages moving forward, you'll see orange text throughout—these are places where your students can enhance their reading experience with real-time vocabulary definitions, critical-thinking questions, and additional context. All they have to do is click (for vocab words) or hover (for critical thinking questions and related tips). 


This month, we're kicking it off with our devastating, but gripping, narrative non-fiction feature about a catastrophic football injury. Before your students read Why Him? Why Me? online [please note: this story is behind our subscriber paywall, due to agreement with ESPN Magazine], hand out our Annotated Reading Worksheet. As students read, they can fill out answers to the questions that pop up (Part 1), which will help you guide a deep discussion about resilience later on.

There is also a wonderful communication skills activity on the second page of the handout (Part 2) that can help you teach students how to help a friend or family member through a tough time. 

We're so excited for you to try this out, and we can't wait to hear what you think. Please comment below or email me your thoughts directly!






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