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1/13/17: 3 Articles You Need To Read This Week

We know you're busy--that's why we're keeping up on the news for you. Here are some of the latest articles about teen health that are worth your time. Check back every Friday for more headlines you may have missed!


1. Instagram can be a great resource for high school teachers

It's easy to think of social media as a something to be avoided in the classroom, but it can actually be a good way to engage teens and get them involved in classroom activities. Plus, you may be able to connect with other teachers to share ideas.

To inspire teens with social media, check out Where's My Story?, about Marley Dias, who used the hashtag #1000blackgirlbooks to make real change. And for more ideas on getting teens engaged on social media, see 9 Fantastic Social Media Advocacy Campaigns for Teens.


2. A bill was proposed in California to help teens spot fake news

The new bill, proposed by assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, would move to add curriculum standards that teach students how to identify false stories. Fake news became rampant during the recent presidential election, and Gomez believes passing this bill will prevent future generations from succumbing to these online hoaxes. 


3. Obesity-related illnesses are on the rise in teens

A new report reveals that illnesses like Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure have risen sharply among kids and teens in past years. Insurance claims for Type 2 Diabetes for those under 23 more than doubled from 2011 to 2015. Claims for prediabetes and sleep apnea, also related to obesity, increased 110 percent and 167 percent, respectively. 


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