Free Classroom Poster: Share These Wise Words on Financial Literacy for Teens

Editor's Note: In our back-page advice column called Life Skills Made Easy, we tackle a different question each month, sourced straight from our Teen Advisory Board members--or your students! (They can go here to submit their questions.) The goal is to provide teens with the simple, doable strategies that will help them succeed in school and in life.


Saving versus spending money can be a tough call for teens, who may not have access to much cash to begin with. But understanding the benefits of saving--and better yet, how to do it--is an important life skill for teens to master. On this month's Life Skills Made Easy page, Tahliik Wilson, a Teen Advisory Board member from Connecticut, had a super-smart financial query:



To answer Taliik's question, we talked to Stefanie O'Connell. She is the author of The Broke and Beautiful Life and helps young people deal with finances by teaching them how to stretch every dollar they do have further. Her advice rings true for all of us, but especially teens. Her simple strategy will help them save, spend, and share the right way. (Plus, she knows we all have to treat ourselves sometimes!)


Be sure to download and print this poster of O'Connell's wise words to motivate and encourage teens to save and spend well!

Download this free poster to teach high school and middle school students how to budget their money wisely!


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