Free Classroom Poster: Share These Wise Words on Decision-Making

Editor's Note: In our back-page advice column called Life Skills Made Easy, we tackle a different question each month, sourced straight from our Teen Advisory Board members--or your students! (They can go here to submit their questions.) The goal is to provide teens with simple, doable strategies that will help them succeed in school and in life.


In this month's Life Skills Made Easy section, we've tackled a common dilemma: how to make a tough decision. This is an issue we face even as adults, but for teens--who are often trying to make many life-changing choices at once--this can be more pressing, especially when all options have benefits. Faced with two opportunities, our teen-adviser Alexis Peele wrote to us for help:



To answer her question, we contacted Nell Wulfhart, a decision coach who helps people get on the right path to achieving their dreams. Her advice? Both emotions and facts are worth considering when making an important decision. If your teens are struggling with a choice, they can outline the benefits and drawbacks of their options on our decision grid.

Don't forget to download and print this free poster to guide your students' decision-making every day!



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