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5/12/17: 3 Articles You Need to Read This Week

We know you’re busy—that’s why we’re keeping up on the news for you. Here are some of the latest articles about teen health that are worth your time. Check back every Friday for more headlines you may have missed!


1. Over the past decade, the rate of suicide-related teen hospitalizations has doubled

A new study of kids ages 5 to 17 revealed that the percentage of youth diagnosed with “suicidality and serious self-harm” has doubled since 2008. The researchers said they aren't sure exactly where the cause of the problem lies, but they expect cyberbullying could be a factor. 


2. A New York art program offers alternative to incarceration for criminal teens

Five years ago, Rachel Barnard saw a problem of 16- and 17-year-olds being arrested for things like turnstile jumping and carrying small amounts of marijuana. She created Alternative Diversion, a program designed to help these teens get back on their feet.


3. Bullied teens are more likely to smoke, drink, and do drugs

A long-term study suggests that teens who were bullied at a young age are more likely to abuse substances in effort to calm adverse emotions and quell the pain of bullying.


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