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6/23/17: 4 Articles You Need to Read This Week

We know you’re busy—that’s why we’re keeping up on the news for you. Here are some of the latest articles about teen health that are worth your time. Check back every Friday for more headlines you may have missed!


1. Teens are just as sedentary as 60-year-olds

According to a new study published in Preventative Medicine, 19-year-olds are just as sedentary as 60-year-olds. The World Health Organization states that kids and teens should get about an hour of moderate to vigorous activity each day, but the study found that 50 percent of teen boys and 75 percent of teen girls did not meet that recommendation.


2. No, teens don't hate you. It's just summer.

Teens often seem removed and distant, but this shouldn't be taken personally—it could be a sign of a healthy teen, experts say. That's because teens need alone time as they experience psychological changes and develop independence.


3. These teens are competing to remember.

In Hershey, Pennsylvania, a group of teens just won first place in an interesting sport: memorization. They studied in chaotic, loud environments, like amusement parks, so they'd be ready for the USA Memory Championships. Their teacher mentioned that since training began, the teens' test scores and GPA have noticeably improved. 


4. Out of high school, into real life

For many teens, graduating from high school doesn't mean going straight to college. In fact, this year nearly 30 percent of American teens will head straight into the workforce. Some teens profiled are headed to the Marines, to work in family businesses, or to become welders—and they're all dreaming big.


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