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7/7/2017: 3 Articles You Need to Read This Week

We know you’re busy—that’s why we’re keeping up on the news for you. Here are some of the latest articles about teen health that are worth your time. Check back every Friday for more headlines you may have missed!


1. 50 percent of teens report feeling addicted to their phones

A recent study in the journal Child Development is the first to prove there's a link between teen screen time and mental health. The study linked nighttime screen time to an increase in anxiety and depression and a decrease in self esteem. 


2. Ethnic diversity benefits students in middle school

A new study of 4,302 sixth-graders around Los Angeles found that ethnic diversity makes middle schools more welcoming. The study found that the more diverse a school was, the more likely all students "reported feeling safer in school, less lonely, and less likely to be victimized."


3. Every senior at this low-income high school was accepted to college

For the first time in it's history, Ballou High School in Washington D.C. had a college-acceptance rate of 100 percent. Last year, only three percent of students met the city's English standards, none of them passed math, and the graduation rate was only 57 percent. 


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