These Teaching Resources Will Bring Your May Issue to Life!

May is somehow already here, which most likely means that between end-of-the-year activities, exams, the approaching summer break, and who knows what else, you are scrambling. But we still want you to have time to teach this month's exciting Choices content! To make your planning a little bit easier, we pulled together a few highlights.



1. Should You Get a Summer Job? 



Lately, summer jobs are increasingly harder to come by for teens. Our suggestion? Students can take this as an opportunity to get creative and practice important life skills—like boldness, responsibility, and managing finances—by becoming their own boss.


After students read the article, have them complete the For Hire activity to make a poster to promote their ideal job. Then, have them watch this hilarious and instructive video (click the link, then scroll to the resources tab on the article page). It will teach them about important interviewing skills as well as how to speak professionally to adults.





2. Is This Tick to Blame?



Did you know that Lyme disease is on the rise in America? Since the 1990s, cases have almost tripled, possibly due to warmer temperatures brought on by climate change. With the summer (aka tick season) approaching, your students need to know how they can stay safe outdoors!


After reading the article, bring this lesson to your class using the Tick Safety 101 activity, where students will work individually or in groups to design a poster campaign to spread awareness about ticks and tick safety. 





3. Destination: College



Inspire your students by sharing this article on 18-year-old Diontae, who will be the first in his family to go to college this September. His story is a great example of the power of hard work, resilience, and determination.


Here at Choices HQ, we are excited to share this wonderful companion video, which features Diontae and a few of his classmateswho will also be first-generation college studentsat Bronx River High School in New York City. Use the video as a class opener before delving into this social-emotional learning lesson. 





Be sure to check out the clickable annotations in this story (highlighted in blue!) that pop up with questions, facts, and definitions.



Students can follow along with the Annotated Reading worksheet, below. 





4. Teens Fight Back



Finally, we're very proud of our activism feature, Teens Fight Back, which was guest edited by teens from Parkland, Florida and Chicago. Use the article to teach a lesson on how teens can get their voices heard and bring about change.


Building on this lesson, the backpage infographic can help your students understand how to analyze facts related to the gun-control issue. Try projecting the magazine view of the infographic onto your whiteboard to fuel an analytical discussion. 








Should Schools Assign Prom Dates?: One high school in Illinois has been assigning prom dates for years. Have students read the article, then discuss the two points of view as a class to practice disagreeing respectfully. 


Don't miss this issue's additional worksheets, videos, and more. Just click the teaching resources tab on the issue page to explore everything the May issue has to offer.


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