A health teacher breaks down the simple ways to ensure that your students feel comfortable and confident about their bodies.

This month's Life Skills Made Easy column (and free classroom poster!) will help your students rock their next group project.

Our November-December issue features an incredible piece on the ways that our country's heroin epidemic has devastated one Connecticut town. We know that drug use can be a difficult topic to approach with teens, but it's one of the most important topics you can introduce in your classroom. This guide will give you the background you need, including simple tips to help you teach the article with sensitivity.

This month's debate concerns body image, and we know that can a difficult topic to bring up in the classroom. This guide will help you teach this subject in a sensitive and respectful manner.

Why your vote matters when it comes to education, how teen risk-taking can help them learn faster, and more!

You already know the challenges that group projects pose--no matter what you do, students tend to struggle with staying organized, distributing the workload fairly, and keeping each other accountable for their tasks. With this activity, you are asking your students to create a simple contract within their group, which empowers them to make their own rules up front.