This week in teen news, we discuss how teachers are fighting fake news, teen drug use, and more!

If they're like us, your teens are eager to dive right into a new magazine the second they get it. However, some research suggests that pre-reading activities can make a huge difference when it comes to student comprehension. Tracy Potash--one of our fantastic teacher advisers and a language arts intervention teacher from Pennington, New Jersey--shares how she used one such pre-reading activity to expand on the Choices story, The League of Extraordinary Losers.

Many of you have told us that your students have questions about "locker room talk issues that have come up in the news in the last few months. That's why, in the April 2017 issue of Choices, we take a look at this sensitive subject with "We're Standing Up For Respect." The goal of the piece is to de-politicize the issue, to separate it from the election and the candidates--and to help students see the power of their words, and embrace their potential to shift our culture from one that can be sexist and misogynist, to one that treats everyone equally.

This week in teen news, we discuss random acts of kindness, the teens behind the fake news epidemic, empowerment in middle school, and more!

This week in teen news, we discuss the way teens cope with stress, "dripping," college decisions, and more.

Sometimes, lessons don't go as planned. When Choices teacher-adviser Amy Lauren Smith--a sixth to eighth grade health teacher at the Shanghai American School in Shanghai, China, and the brilliant mind behind our Teacher's Guide each month--realized a group of boys were copying offensive language and behavior they saw online, she knew it was time to try something new. Here, she explains how she and her colleagues are handling the situation.