This week in teen news, we discuss teen talk, using kindness to fight bullying and more!

Illness outbreaks can overtake a classroom during the winter (aka sick season). These tips will help you get your classroom ready to repel all of the germs!

Editor's note: How much homework are your students really getting? Choices Teacher-Advisor Amy Lauren Smith--a sixth through eighth grade health teacher at the Shanghai American School in Shanghai, China, and the brilliant mind behind our Teacher's Guide each month--explains all the different factors you need to consider while tracking your students' homework load.

What can be done to reduce unhealthy eating among adolescents? Here, in a guest post for the Ideabook blog, a researcher explains her group's groundbreaking findings—and how to apply this new approach to health education in your classroom. (Psst: Our January cover story can help—big-time!)

Social media may not always be a distraction for teens! It can serve as a wonderful way to get your entire classroom rallied behind a cause--and we've got a list of Choices-approved campaigns and hashtags to inspire action.

Are you teaching conflict resolution? This interactive article and role-play activity (featuring a great graphic organizer worksheet) will help your students practice their communication skills.