Apps to keep families organized, the benefits of failure, and more!
You can't ignore this year's election, and your students can't either. We know that tackling anything vaguely political in the classroom can feel intimidating, so we got expert advice on how to use our special November/December Changemaker story—and this in-your-face presidential race—to teach your students about civic engagement. (Yup, it's possible to do so without inciting controversy!)
It doesn't matter if your students can't get behind the wheel just yet—helping them understand the power they hold as passengers (whether they're riding with friends or family) can prevent meaningless deaths. In our October issue, we have everything you need to get through to them: a gripping cover story, a riveting film, a powerful infographic, and a personal pledge they'll never forget.
Editor’s Note: In the October issue of Choices, our story "Could Your Face Go Viral?" tackles online privacy and staying safe on social media. Here, Lauren DeViney, who is a Project Manager for the New Balance Foundation Billion Mile Race and former high school health teacher in Waltham, MA, shares her tips for creating guidelines teens can follow everytime they use the internet.
One teacher shows how practicing mindfulness changed her classroom for the better.
This month's Life Skills Made Easy column (and free classroom poster!) will help your students keep calm in moments of test stress and panic.