Justin W. Patchin is the co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center and co-author of Words Wound: Delete Cyberbullying and Make Kindness Go Viral. As the instrumental expert for our March bystander effect article, we wanted to give him this forum to speak to educators. Our question to him: How can teachers play a more active role in preventing bullying in their schools?  

This week in teen news, we discuss the dangers of "Tinder for teens," teens who made change at Standing Rock, a study that gives clues to predicting teen suicide risk, and more. 

This month's back-page advice column, Life Skills Made Easy, tackles an all-important career skill for teens: the art of the professional e-mail!

This week in teens news, we discuss how teens are feeling after the election, teen's less keen sense of smell, and more!

What kinds of misconceptions do your students carry about eating disorders--and the people who suffer from them? Our 6-page package in the March issue (and the wonderful resources designed to help you teach it) will help your students understand the complex causes of these serious mental and physical diseases.

This week in teen news, we discuss teens who'd rather be on social media than sleep, Iceland's progress in ending teen substance abuse, and more!