Practice makes perfect, right? You can use this Stress Busters flipbook to walk students through three super-simple exercises that will help them cope with stress.

This week in the news, we discuss peer pressure, self-control, fake news, and more!

Elevate this month's debate, Should Soda Have a Warning Label?, by having students consider a similar public-health issue: cigarette warning labels. This teacher-designed handout will help teens research and analyze warning labels from around the world, so they can apply that knowledge to this month's debate!

What will finally make your alcohol unit stick? This heartbreaking 6-page story will force your students to think about the consequences of drinking in new, life-saving ways. 

This week in teen news, we discuss teen drug use, keeping teens safe online, and more. Check back every Friday for an update!

DoSomething's Rinse, Recycle, Repeat campaign presents a great opportunity to get teens involved in recycling! Even better: They can with a $5,000 scholarship for their efforts.